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REP Studio Equipment

General Equipment:

  • ProTools HD 10.3.9 Workstation - Non-linear, non-destructive digital recording and editing workstation. Industry Standard. 24 bit A/D and D/A conversion using Digidesign's 192 i/o. 24 channels simultaneous in, 16 out. HD2 accel card
  • MacPro with Intel-based quad core 2.66 Ghz processors, OS X 10.7.5, 32GB of RAM. The powerhouse that drives the ProTools setup.
  • Digidesign Control 24 - An ergonomic control surface and analog front-end for our ProTools system. Designed to enhance the speed of working with Pro Tools, Control 24 transforms even the most complex sequence of functions into a series of intuitive movements, leaving you to wonder how you ever got along with just a keyboard and mouse. It combines the best of both worlds for those of us that prefer the feeling of an analog board with faders and knobs while working in the digital domain.
  • Focusrite Microphone Preamps (16) - One of the greatest advantages of the Control 24 is that it comes with these great sounding, ultra clean mic pre's right on board.
  • Rupert Neve - Portico 5024 Quad Mic Pre Amps (4) – High Quality, versatile, and silky smooth
  • Siemann (Neve type) Microphone Preamps (2) – these old things are classic sounding
  • Symetrix 302 Microphone Preamps (4) - clean, high gain
  • Symetrix 202 Microphone Preamps (2) - more clean, high gain
  • Waves v5.9.7 Platinum Bundle
  • iZotope RX 2 Advanced noise reduction
  • Altiverb 6
  • TL Drum Rehab
  • Audio Ease Snapper
  • Digidesign Velvet - Virtual Electric Piano
  • Native Instruments Guitar Rig4 with Rig Kontrol3, Line 6 Amp Farm 3
  • Abelton Live, Propellerhead Reason, Bomb Factory Studio Essentials
  • Alesis ADATxt's (3)
  • NEC 56x CD-R and 8x DVD-R burner - Burn CD or DVD backups of your computer data, and CDs of your music in a fraction of the time it takes to listen to!
  • 6 stereo headphone mixes or 2 user-controlled headphone mixes.
  • Alesis AI-1 Digital Interface - This unit transfers digital audio from ADAT to ProTools and back. It can also do real-time sample rate conversion, as well as to any other format, staying in the digital domain.
  • Digital Performer v3.01 MIDI Sequencer - The state of the art in linked digital recording and MIDI sequencing software.

Analog/Digital Tape Recording Machines:

  • Panasonic SV-3700 DAT Recorder (2) - The industry standard deck for 2-track digital mastering.
  • Vintage Studer B-67 1/4-inch 2-track analog recorder - Sounds Fantastic! We keep this unit in top shape for all of you who love that warm old reel to reel sound.


  • Tannoy SGM 3000 Super Gold Monitors - Fantastic frequency response with the power to make you feel the music right where you sit. Powered by BGW Power Amp.
  • Tannoy PBM 6.5 Near Field Monitors - Industry preferred speaker for near field monitoring. Powered by Ashley FET-500 Power Amp.
  • Yamaha HTR5540 5.1 Surround System – We specialize in surround sound mixing

Outboard Processors:

  • dbx 165 Over Easy Compressor/Limiters (2)- These units are as warm and transparent as compressors get. Used on all your favorite records.
  • dbx 128 Stereo Dynamic Range Enhancer/Noise Reduction System
  • Rane Stereo Compressor/Expander/Limiter/Gate - Powerful, reliable and versatile compression, expansion and gating.
  • DBX 266 Stereo Over-Easy Compressor/Gate - Utilizes the famous over-easy technology



  • Keyboards - Turn of the Century Mason and Hamlin baby grand piano recently restored by Thom Sayers (CountryPiano.com), Hammond T212 Drawbar/Tonewheel Organ, Nord Electro2 61, 1971 Fender Rhodes Mark I, Roland A-80 - the best 88 key midi controller out there - controlling Reason's pristine 24bit multisampled pianos including Yamaha and Steinway uprights and grands.
  • Electric Guitars - 1970s Gibson ES-335, Danelectro Baritone Guitar, 1960s Gibson Melody Maker, Ibanez Proline Strat style
  • Acoustic Guitars: 1960s Gibson Country Western Model (flat top steel string acoustic), Takamine Nylon String Acoustic
  • Basses - Vintage Fender Jazz fretless, Fretless Peavey Unity Bass, 1970's Fender Bullet BassCustom Fender Precision, Line 6 Variax Bass, Peavey Dyna Bass, Engelhardt Upright
  • Drums - 5 pc. Yamaha Stage Custom drum set


  • Mesa/Boogie .50cal with Ampeg 2x12
  • Vintage Fender Twin (Silverface with Blackface wiring)
  • Ampeg SS-35 1x12 combo
  • 1970sFender Champ (silverface) 1x8 combo
  • Peavey TNT150
  • Native Instruments Guitar Rig4 with Rig Kontrol3
  • Line 6 PodXT Amp Modeler and Effects Unit
  • Line 6 Bass PodXT Bass Amp Modeler and Effects Unit

MIDI Gear:

  • Roland JX-3P (with PG200)
  • Proteus 1/XR Synth Module - Standard high-end timbre bank.
  • Roland R-8M Percussion Module - Industry standard percussion sound module.
  • Korg M3R Synth Module - Great sound after great sound, for embellishing your live mix.
  • Kurzweil Micro Piano Sound Module - 32 beautifully sampled pianos available via MIDI.
  • Oberheim Matrix-1000 Synth Module - Gorgeous analog textures, for the crunchier, synthier side of things.
  • Yamaha FB-01 Tone Generator - Embellish your live mix with and unlimited number of MIDI parts.
  • Mark of the Unicorn MIDI Time PieceAV The piece that keeps the entire network of MIDI devices functioning as a single unit.


  • Over 5,000 Stock Music Cuts - For your advertising needs, musical cuts from every imaginable genre, ready for use immediately.  Constantly growing library.
  • Over 12,000 Sound Effects - Spice up your music with some sampled sound effects, or use them to build the basis for a convincing and professional sound design for your film, video, radio drama, advertisement... whatever you need!

Studio B:

  • IMac G4 w/ 512 MB DDR SDRAM & MacOS 10.4
  • Protools LE w/ Digidesign Digi002
  • Tannoy PBM 6.5 Near Field Monitors - Industry preferred speaker for near field monitoring powered by Hafler P125 Power Amp

Remote Rig:

  • Can record up to 16 tracks, straight to hard disk, anywhere.

Video cameras, machines and software

  • Canon Vixia HFS200 (SD card), with Canon TC-DC58A 1.5x lens, Rayonix 0.66x wide angle lens.
  • Canon NTSC ZR40 (miniDV).
  • Canopus ADVCiio video converter.
  • Sony SL-HF300 Stereo Betamax deck.
  • Adobe Creative Suite CS6, including Premiere Pro, Affter Effects, Audition, Bridge, Dreamweaver, Encore, Fireworks, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Prelude and Speed Grade Final Cut Pro.

Film projectors

  • Bell & Howell 356A 8mm projector (super8 and regular8).
  • Bell & Howell 2585 16mm projector.