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REP Studio Engineers

Tim Reppert

Tim is known for his unique conceptual vision and masterful expertise when it comes to producing award winning audio for radio and television advertising as well as for films and corporate programs, most recently, HBO, Cornell University, the Corning Museum of Glass, The Smithsonian Museum, to name a few. He created REP Productions in the late 1980's in NYC as a freelance Recording Engineer for Jingle writers. Working with Mambo Music, Feldstein Music, Easy Writer, and Debbie McDuffy, he co–produced for clients such as L'Oreal, Coke, Coors Light, Hertz, and General Motors. In 1991 Tim designed, built and opened REP Studio in Ithaca, which is an outgrowth of his many talents, and has become a creative environment that continues to support local artists such as the Sim Redmond Band, the Ithaca Community Chorus, the Burns Sisters, Wingnut, and Samite. Composer, bassist, recording engineer and producer Tim Reppert studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, and has worked as a recording engineer and studio session musician in New York City, Boston, and Ithaca. He has performed locally with a jazz string group Water Bear and in a backup band for the gifted singer/songwriter Crow Greenspun. In his successful career Tim recorded for diverse clients such as Sly Stone, Whitney Houston, The Beastie Boys, Grand Master Flash, and Kool & The Gang. For the past 11 years Tim has also been a resident Sound Designer for the Kitchen Theatre Company in Ithaca, NY creating over 80 sound scores and compositions for the Company's wide range of productions. His sound design skills have also reached to Vermont Stage for Syringa Tree and to NYC for an off–Broadway production of The Soup Comes Last. Tim is currently living in Boston and working as a staff composer/producer for Soundtrack and the AirCraft Music Library, while still very actively involved in the work at REP in Ithaca.

Nate Richardson

Throughout Nate's childhood in Boston, his parents saw his talent for music, and made sure he had the tools and space to grow into a creative and skilled musician. Amidst the race riots and the "bussing crisis" of the 1970s Nate was living in "all white" South Boston and going to school in "all black" Roxbury. This exposed him to a wide range of music and culture and gave him the basis for a deep understanding of and respect for so-called black music. Landing at Berklee College of Music in the early 90s, Nate studied Film Scoring and eventually earned his degree in Jazz Composition. As a player he shied away from the competitive bebop jazz style and found himself falling more and more deeply in love with Reggae. Seven years of heavy touring and recording with the acclaimed and increasingly popular John Brown's Body gave Nate a front row seat to many of the inner workings of the music and recording industries.

Relocating to Ithaca in 2001, Nate began to apply all he had learned as a recording musician to his new job as night engineer at REP. He quickly earned Tim's favor by turning out great work on project after project. When Tim moved to Boston in the summer of 2006 Nate took over full time as head engineer of REP Studio and has successfully maintained the high level of professionalism and quality that our clients have counted on for years.

Kenny Christianson

Born and raised in Ithaca, New York’s thriving musical community, Kenny has been immersed in music and various forms of audio production from a very early age. His parents, both musicians, kept a room in their house dedicated to music, affectionately known as "The Studio," and it was there that Kenny learned to play drums, experimented with making loops on a 1980's Korg synthesizer, began dismantling broken electronics, and went through many phases of recording-everything-in-earshot. He formed his first "band" in the 4th grade, and by high school was gigging locally several times a month.

Two weeks into his freshman year at SUNY Fredonia, Kenny discovered a student-run, live sound club called Sound Services. While initially joining the group because he thought it would be fun, and because of his interest and experience with live music, joining the group represented the beginnings of something much bigger. He began working for a live sound company in Ithaca during summers home from college, and got a job with a music venue in Fredonia during the school year.  Kenny graduated with a degree in Audio/Radio Production and moved back to Ithaca full time. There, while continuing to work in live sound, he began an internship at REP Studio in early 2009 and by the end of that year he had joined the REP staff. In 2012, he was recruited by the nationally-touring reggae band John Brown's Body as both their front-of-house engineer and tour manager. 

These days, in between sessions at REP, you can find Kenny working with production companies and music venues in the Ithaca-area, working directly with bands, or on the road with John Brown's Body and other bands. Through all of his experiences, Kenny has developed a keen ear for both musical and broadcast engineering, as well as built fine skills in both live and studio environments. With a background rooted primarily in live sound, he brings a unique set of people skills and engineering chops into the studio while maintaining the high level of attention to detail that you would expect from an engineer at REP Studio.